Google set to release final Chrome update for 2020

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Posted - Monday, November 23, 2020

This last update is clearly aimed at improving response times, managing resources and tasks. Matt Waddell has published a blog article illustrating the recent changes to the Google Chrome Broser here.

So far it looks like there are several enhancements to the way google chrome manages your open tabs, prioritizing the active tabs over the others in the background in order to reduce CPU usage "by up to 5x" this also intended to increase battery life on portable devices when using the browser. Google is claiming even opening the browser will be sped up by 25%, as well as having better load times in general. Hopefully you will be able to see the difference.

The main feature of this update, though, is a tab management tool that is being added to the browser. With this feature you will be able to search, group and pin tabs easily. If you find yourself with multiple windows and multiple tabs open, you can find a tab no matter which window it's in and go directly to it.

Google is also introducing what they are calling "Chrome Actions", with which you can use the address bar to directly take an action like "Edit passwords" or "Delete history". Currently the feature will focus on security actions but should be populated with a more varied set of actions later down the track.

Overall, we are looking forward to seeing how these new features will affect our workflow.