Customer Backups

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Jon-Paul Morningstar - Head Technician Posted - Tuesday, March 10, 2020

We are doing an upgrade on our modest little NAS today.
 Every time we do any software repairs on a customer’s computer we have to perform a full backup.

We keep these backups up to 3 months by request!

As a result we needed more reliable storage space attached to our network to keep our customer's data safe.

If you or your business needs reliable network attached storage (NAS) ask us how we can help match a NAS drive to suite your business and backup needs.

NAS drives are great for bare metal backups and general user file backups, they can recover your entire computer in the event of catastrophic failure with very minimal effort from the last backup saving you time, money and potentially very important data from being lost.

Check out our recommended brands, Synology and Qnap


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